Travel clothing made for you in Vancouver, BC, Canada!

Do you love to travel, but hate to pack? Do you take the wrong things, too much, or too little?

Do you want some travel clothes that are going to help you pack quickly and easily?


Both collections provide a perfect solution for those packing dilemmas.  They are affordable, chic, and comfortable. 

Collection 1 Four versatile pieces in a bag – pack it in first and toss in your bathing suit, a sundress, sandals, a few of your favourite things, and you’re ready to go – to the sunny climes of the U.S., or  Mexico, the Caribbean, South Pacific, South America,Australia – anywhere that the sun shines, and you want to look fresh, pretty, and be comfortable every day.

Collection 2 has been added for all your travels, including trips to destinations like New York, Paris, and Rome.  This design consists of three pieces in its own bag - a skirt, pant, and top, all flattering, easy to wear, and pack.  You can dress it up, or go casual,  pair the set again, with many of your own things, and enjoy the comfort, and beauty of the outfit on your travels.

To purchase either set, please visit the Collection 1 page.  Payment may be made by interac e transfer, as I'm not accepting Visa/Mastercard any longer.  Price includes shipping and any applicable taxes.

I might have called my company five easy pieces, but that name was taken - a classic movie, I do believe!  However, since my maiden name is Holliday, and my Grade 8 teacher always liked to call me Vicki Vacation, that name seemed perfect to me. 


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