After years of contemplating the idea, Vicki decided to make her dream a reality. With her passion for travel… anywhere, any time, with or without notice, the task of packing well was always significant. What to take, what to leave, how to co-ordinate, led to much list-writing beforehand.
As a real estate paralegal for many years (which she’s always loved) she was provided with the pre-requisites for planning what turned out not to be “the big leap” it might have at first appeared to be. Scheduling, sourcing, helping clients through the process, problem-solving and decision-making were all requirements then, and now have proven to be invaluable!
True to her nature, she always thinks of new ways to do things, and explores new ideas with a determined and fearless sense of spirit.
Designing clothing for women who love to travel (and yes, there will be a men’s line down the road) is fast becoming her favourite passion. 
"Travelling, feeling like a carefree child again, seeing the wonders of the world, meeting and mingling with strangers everywhere (who often become friends) is a wonderful and precious gift for all those who are able to do so."

 FEATURED on Global TV - Travel Best Bets - Claire Newell - July 24, 2008

FEATURED on Global TV - Noon News - with Sophie Lui - July 18, 2009

FEATURED in The Province - July 13, 2009 - Minding Your Business

FEATURED testimonial in Women with Wings - January, 2011


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